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Nom ICORendement de génie
Date de débutDicembre 17, 2022
Date de finDicembre 21, 2022
Objectifsera annoncé
ico timer - cilw ico détails
il y a des mois 3

I just sent my @micomfestival show media release to @pedestriandaily with the opening line "Considering I drive a bus I normally avoid Pedestrians but I'll make an exception this time!" If I don't hear back I'll be both surprised and not. 😂😬 #MICF #Melbourne #genius #comedy

भारत का एक Genius..
#हम_बदलाव_लायेंगे_नया_उत्तराखंड_बनाएंगे #uttarakhandfirst #abhinavthapar #हम_बदलाव_लायेंगे_नया_उत्तराखंड_बनाएँगे #uttarakhand #genius


Everybody is a #genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid #AlbertEinstein

#Motivation Everybody is a #genius

Which of the following 🤔 real-world object pairs best describe a 3rd dimensional inversion or perhaps better described as being flipped inside out?

If you can flip 3D objects inside out, you can be a physicist or as endowed as Bach in music

This is your warning that Genius can pump at any time now without warning. Click the "Get Genius" link at the top to Buy $GENI - #Genius

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